Jump in the cockpit of a space fighter

Experience the heat of space combat and discover the Universe as a fighter pilot assigned to the fleet. Take part in various missions including interception or reconnaissance, provide fighter cover for cargo ships or help rescue the crew of disabled ships.

Be the famous fighter ace, let the whole Universe know your name!


Our Vision

The goal of our game is to give you the atmosphere and excitement of spectacular space battles seen in science fiction movies. Join your squadron of AI pilots and immerse yourself in the heat of deadly engagements in space including as many as a hundred fighting craft. You will see your computer-controlled wingmen covering you, fighting for your or even dying for you, if they have to. You will encounter gigantic enemy ships with unmatchable firepower. You can only defeat such an enemy with strict and precise teamwork. You might feel secure while patrolling near your carrier or a task force of cruisers, but you can also get lonely and vulnerable while flying through the solitude of deep space.

The quick mission system gives you a large selection of various missions. The game will focus on the immediate experience, which means that you will not have to sit through long and boring pre-mission briefings or watch repetitive cut scenes over and over again.

In single player mode you can fly many quick missions in which you get to fight alongside your computer-controlled squadron mates. Multiplayer gives you the opportunity to fly quick missions as well, but also lets you select other game modes.

Those who want to know more about the world the game takes place in can study the encyclopedia, which offers detailed descriptions of the game’s universe, legendary battles, historical events and, last but not least, technical details of space fighters and other craft.


Starway Fleet will be available on Steam