Developer blog 1

We’ve been through a core gameplay test during which we tested current features. We have a short video about it, you can check it out. We chose an exciting sector, namely ‘The Dying Planet’. It is full of asteroids, remnants of a planet that had been destroyed. We thought that this scenery would be a perfect environment for this gameplay test. We amassed an enemy task force consisting of 2 frigates, a cruiser and a battleship, escorted by no less than 50 enemy fighters. We dared to enter this sector covered by only 10 fellow AI fighter pilots… The outcome was just as we guessed it would be. 🙂

A versatile and proven method of protection is the use of ship-based shield generators. The bigger a warship is, the more generators she has. In order to neutralize the shield, all generators must be destroyed. The ship’s hull will be vulnerable to our weapons only after losing the shields.

Facing the firepower of capital ships, such as cruisers, is a frightening experience. The largest ship is protected by 40 laser turrets and heat-seeking missile launchers. Apart from these, she also has ten torpedoes to counter enemy cruisers. The size of the cruiser necessitates such a huge amount of defensive weaponry, because her length nearly exceeds 800 meters.

Both the friendly and enemy AI passed the exam when we tested basic movement routines. The next step will be giving all types of fighter and attack craft different performance, flying characteristics and behavior patterns. A bomber will maneuver and behave in a total different manner than an interceptor. Moreover, interceptors will act differently while flying around their task force than far away from it. If they have the chance, they will try to lure enemy units within the engagement range of their warships.

We hope you will like this game. Please follow the development. Soon we will post more news, we have a lot of work to do until then.