Developer blog 2

This short video gives an insight into the current sectors. We plan to further refine them, but now you can have an idea how they will look like. We are proud to announce that Trappist-1, a star recently discovered by NASA, and its planetary system are also included as a sector in the game. As soon as we heard the discovery, it was obvious that we should implement the system in the game as accurately as possible. The design of the Trappist-1 system is based on data published by NASA.

We attempted to create a diverse range of sectors. These include an asteroid belt consisting of ice rocks, which represents an important water source in deep space. Combat will take place around scenic planets and their moons. Spectacular gas clouds and asteroid fields will also serve as combat environment. Mining facilities are established to exploit the mineral resources of shattered planets.

We hope you will like the world we are creating. Stay tuned, we will be back with more news.