Developer blog 3

We hope you will like our new video. It depicts parts of the first mission, entitled ‘Homebound’. This mission is about ten minutes long and it turned out to be quite eventful. The background story reveals that Starway Fleet has several battle groups. The game’s story is centered on one of them. The player takes the place of a fighter pilot serving in one of the fighter squadrons assigned to Task Force Stealth Panther.

We put great emphasis on radio chatter that can be heard during missions. You have the chance to hear some of it in this mission. Currently, all gameplay triggers function correctly, there are only a handful of special features left to do. We are also continuously tuning the game graphics, with special focus laid on the space ambience with lights, mist and other effects. Multiplayer is also worked on and progressing well.

We hope that you like this little gameplay teaser. Soon we will assemble a spoiler-free video mix about the upcoming missions. For the meantime, follow us and like. Spread the news that Starway Fleet counts on all pilots.